Eileen believes that solutions are found when like minds come together.  She worked in the tech sector but changed direction after meeting "Brooke" commuting to work on the 22 bus. While working with women who were homeless in the Jungle or isolated in their new permanent housing, she realized that community and connection are essential to a woman's well being. ​Co-founding the Women's Gathering Place, a safe haven for women was a first step. When she's not at work you'll find her tending her vegetable garden and finding beautiful spaces to walk in the Bay Area.

Kirsty is obsessed with the idea that connecting people will change the world. She’s spent her professional career working to understand her real estate clients’ needs and building relationships based on trust and honesty. In her philanthropic work at Sereno Group’s “1% for Good” program she’s always looking for innovative ways to help serve the most vulnerable in our community. When she’s not at work you’ll find her wandering the foothills or on her yoga mat

OUR VISION is a world in which every woman is treated with dignity and has the opportunity to create a self-sustaining life, disrupting her cycle of poverty.

We are a small but passionate group in Silicon Valley on a MISSION to end poverty for women by restoring dignity and hope.

OUR STORY - When a group of women sit around a table, open up their hearts and minds their power grows. When that happens, amazing things transpire; they begin to believe in a world with possibilities. 

onRoute22 provides the vehicle  through empowerment groups, community engagement, outdoor activities and more. The group dynamic allows for relationships to be fostered, builds community and helps create accountability.

WHY IS OUR NAME onRoute22? - The VTA 22 bus  travels from the east side of San Jose, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Silicon Valley, and ends in Palo Alto, one of the richest cities in the country. This bus route is  known as "Hotel 22" by the women that ride it at night to sleep, stay safe and warm. The VTA 22 bus is symbolic of the income disparity that the women face but it also represents their journey towards a self-sustaining life.